POLA Whitissimo Medicated Sheet Pack

Medicated Sheet Pack infused with intensive brightening and moisturing ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin. Designed to help fade areas of pigmentation

Can also be used after exposure to UV rays, to help block the melanocyte stimulating hormone and prevent tyrosinase increasing in the skin, thus helping prevent the formation of pigmentation.

Each pack contains 30 set sof 2 treatment sheets. Entire pack is 99ml.  Each set is 3.3ml.

Fragrance free/No color additives/Allergy tested

How to use:
After applying Lotion, place the sheets on the areas of concern.
After five minutes, lift off the sheets and gently pat the essence into the skin.
Use once every five to seven days.

RRP: $105.00   Save 35% $68.00

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