POLA White Shot Set CX & Cream RX

Set contains;

White Shot CX 25ml – Serum.  Creates youthful, bright and smooth skin without aging discoloration. A dull complexion makes one look older. White Shot CX is a highly concentrated brightening essence for the entire face focusing on age discoloration, pigmentation and dullness for brighter and more even skin tone. Use 2 pumps for entire face or 1 pump for partial area after lotion prior to milk.

White Shot Cream RX 50g –  A repairing night cream for after sun exposure.  Spreads lightly and fills the skin with moisture. For pigmentation, dull complexion, discolouration and skin that has been overexposed to the sun.  Cream RX cares not only for skin tone but also the texture.  The skin instantly looks clearer and feels smooth and soft.

RRP: $390.00   Save 31% $270.00

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