POLA “D” Conditioning Lotion SALE

The ‘D Conditioning Lotion’ 150ml

This “medicated lotion” suppresses skin irritations and helps to create clearer and smoother skin with each use.  Drops of refreshing moisture penetrate into the skin, providing moisture, skin tone brightens immediately and the skin becomes well hydrated and smooth.  Suppresses troubling skin conditions.  Anti inflammatory.   Use any time the skin is feeling sensitive or irritated.

After cleansing or massaging, apply conditioning lotion before applying milk.

7 functions of the Conditioning Lotion

1. prevents skin irritation

2.  creates smoother skin without roughness

3. thoroughly hydrates the skin

4. purifies skin so it becomes clearer

5. tightens the skin to help makeup last longer,

6. cools the skin down after sunburn or when irritated

7. prevents acne from forming

RRP: $65.00   Save 46% $35.00

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