POLA BA (Bio Active) Summer Range

Age: 25 plus
Product Type: Intensive Anti-ageing, reparative, nourishing and brightening
Skin Type: For skin that is showing signs of ageing.
Concerns: Lack of firmness and sagging, spots and dullness, hydration in summer.

Summer Series of 3 products, lotion, milk and day mask.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ageing accelerates in the hot season, causing roughness, lack of firmness and sagging, spots and dullness.  Subsequently makeup appears rough and does not last.
  • Using the latest theory and ingredients of BA Technology BA Summer addresses these skin concerns and the seasonal difference in summer.
  • The synergy design is the same as the original BA, where each product works to improve the effectiveness of the other products, but the lotion and milk are modified to match the seasonal difference. The synergy design continuously brings effects on the skin for 24 hours.

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