POLA BA Men Intensive Anti-ageing Range

Bio Active Anti-Ageing for men – ‘the choice for men who appreciate quality and intentive anti=ageing’

Male skin, due to UV rays, use of razors and excess oil can be rough and difficult to treat. Pola discovered that the routes in male skin that allow moisture to be absorbed are usually damaged, preventing absorption of ingredients.  It is interesting to note that the skin of 40-year old man has the same lack of elasticity and ageing of the dermis, as that of 80-year old women.

Many factors accelerate the ageing of men’s skin, including the following:

  • Excess sebum that is easily oxidized
  • Roughness and inflammation due to shaving
  • Damage from UV rays and the environment

Features & Benefits:

  • Firmness and elasticity is improved in 1-month
  • Ingredients are formulated to create firm, lifted and energised skin
  • The skin is left smoother and softer
  • Nano-Route Capsules penetrate the skin to actively improve the absorption of moisture


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