POLA Augha Base Makeup Range

Augha Features & Benefits:

  • Light reflecting makeup – the secret to smoother, flawless and radiant skin
  • Grand prize winner (SCCJ) for Skin Texture Revitalisation Theory (Society Cosmetic Chemists Japan)
  • A remarkable and innovative range with unique skin texture revitalising fibres that trap and diffuse light
  • Combats lines and dullness by revitalising skin texture and hydrating the skin
  • Captures the essence of youthful, smooth, flawless and radiant skin
  • Resulting in a stunning, youthful translucence
  • Leaves skin as luminous as the sparkling sky or shimmering ocean

Range Includes –  Compact Foundations in Fine Powder Foundation or Fine Foundation (creamy) type, Fine Clear Base & Control Colours

STEP 1 – Fine Clear Base (Primer)  STEP 2 – Control colour   STEP 3 – Select a Foundation

–  two types of Augha Foundations available both convenient compact style (compacts sold separately to refills)

Available in Shades P32, N44, N53, N64, B73, B76

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